Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows users to collaborate, meet, and share in a more connected, secure, and modern workspace.


Microsoft Teams provides a shared workspace that enables teams to communicate without effort through chats - across geographical and department boundaries. In addition, Teams offers persistent chat, so you can find and resume any conversation. Humanize the workplace in your chats with GIFs, stickers, and emojis.


As your team works together, you’ll undoubtedly have files that you’ll want to share and collaborate on. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share and co-author Office and other files within channels Email integration keeps the whole team in the loop.


Audio Conferencing in Office 365 allows participants to join your Teams meetings from any telephone. Cloud recording of meetings with transcription and translation are indexed for search.

A reliable, cloud-based telephony plus calling solution that allows you to initiate, receive, or join 1:1 calls and scheduled meetings with team members or others outside your organization.


In Teams, you can now use your computer and phone together as companions in online meetings to present live mobile video, photos, your mobile screen, remote control PowerPoint, and even seamlessly move your meeting between devices.